Project Concept

The Urban Eco Life Eco Design…For Urban Lifestyles

The concept began with environmental friendly living. Every detail of the design was inspired by nature, integrating with serenity, to accommodate the eco-lifestyle in the center of a city as well as surrounded by many accommodations.

Project Overview

Project Area
2-1-54 rai
Project Characteristics
Fully Furnished 8-floor condominium
3 Buildings
325 Units with common areas on all 3 floors; 1 building.
Condominium Characteristics:
1 Bedroom (1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom)
Approximate Area 23.18-23.60 sq.m. 84 Units
1 Bedroom Extra (1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom)
Approximate Area 25.33-25.70 sq.m. 138 Units
1 Bedroom Exclusive (1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom + partitioned kitchen)
Approximate Area 25.67-34.86 sq.m. 28 Units
1 Bedroom Plus (1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1 utility room)
Approximate Area 34.79-39.97 sq.m. 48 Units
2 Bedroom (2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom)
Approximate Area 42.91-48.24 sq.m. 27 Units


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