4 Conditions that ‘Freelancers’ need to fulfill to apply for a loan.

4 Conditions that ‘Freelancers’ need to fulfill to apply for a loan.

🧑‍💻 The number of freelancers is steadily increasing. However, many are still unsure about how to successfully secure a loan to buy a condominium while working as a freelancer.

Today, Wise Spin shares ‘4 Key Techniques for Freelancers to Successfully Apply for a Condo Loan’, eliminating any worries you may have!

📌 Technique 1: Fully declare your income for tax purposes each year. It is crucial for freelancers to retain and submit Form Ph.Ng.D. 90 along with receipts from the last 2-3 years. This documentation enables banks to verify your income sources clearly, which simplifies the transaction process.

📌 Technique 2: Maintain a clean credit history by consenting to checks by the National Credit Bureau, known as ‘Credit Bureau’. Having a history clear of overdue payments makes financial transactions smoother.

📌 Technique 3: Develop a habit of saving regularly. Consistent saving demonstrates financial discipline and reliability, which enhances your credibility.

📌 Technique 4: Consider a joint mortgage by partnering with someone who has a stable or regular income. This strategy boosts confidence in your ability to adhere to payment schedules, greatly enhancing your chances of loan approval. It is essential for both parties to have complete and accurate income documentation prepared.

By preparing your documents, clearing your financial credit, and adhering to these four techniques, freelancers can build strong financial credibility and significantly ease the process of securing a loan for their own condo.

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