AssetWise Partners with Communities for Sustainable Growth

AssetWise Partners with Communities for Sustainable Growth

AssetWise has consistently demonstrated excellent performance as a developer, achieving sales of 16,486 million baht in 2023, a 16% increase, placing it in the Top 10 real estate companies in Thailand.

In 2024, AssetWise plans to launch 12 new projects in Bangkok, the metropolitan area, the EEC, and Phuket, with a total value of 25,920 million baht. These projects aim to support a comprehensive lifestyle business, including:

Mingle Mall: A community mall serving as a creative space for the new generation, with current locations at Bangkok University Rangsit, Minburi, and soon in Phuket.

Well Aesthetic & Wellness Center: A rental space for health centers and beauty clinics located in the heart of the Ratchadaphisek area.

Mingle Sport Village: An indoor sports center for health enthusiasts, including Rocket Fitness.

Drawing on over 19 years of experience and expertise in the real estate business under the management of “Treasure M Co., Ltd.” in the AssetWise group, the company is committed to growth while being responsible to the environment and society.

ESG Commitment

AssetWise is dedicated to sustainable growth by adhering to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. Recognizing the global impact of climate change, AssetWise has implemented waste reduction strategies with the “Separate – Pour – Dry” concept (separate materials, pour food waste/liquid, dry containers). This initiative has been launched at the headquarters, encouraging employees to segregate all types of waste. As a result, the company has reduced landfill waste by 90.39% compared to 2022. This practice is also extended to various AssetWise events and collaborations, aiming to minimize environmental impact and work towards Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Community and Social Initiatives

AssetWise also focuses on community support and sustainability. Projects include promoting local careers, supporting community stores around the projects, and social initiatives like continuous blood donation campaigns for the fourth year and the “Pun Kan” project to support scholarships and youth quality of life development.

Recognition and Awards

In 2023, AssetWise received an A Rating in the “SET ESG Ratings” from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), reflecting its commitment to sustainable organizational growth. The company emphasizes responsible business practices towards the environment, society, shareholders, and stakeholders, aligning with good governance principles under the “GrowGreen” concept. This approach considers environmental factors from project design and development to employee, partner, and resident engagement, and community development, ensuring stable business growth.



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