Bangna A Location of the Future with unstoppable growth

Bangna A Location of the Future with unstoppable growth

“‘Bangna,’ a future potential site with continuous growth, has been dubbed the ‘East Business District.’ This area is replete with amenities and offers diverse transportation options.”

“‘ATMOZ Bangna’ – New, fully furnished condo located on the main road, Bangna-Trad Km. 4.”

“A condo that enhances your lifestyle convenience, making it easy to go anywhere and do anything comfortably. It supports all modes and lifestyles, ready to enrich your life like never before.

  • Convenient travel, near U-turn spots for both inbound and outbound routes.
  • Close to the Yellow BTS Line, Sri Iam Station.
  • The common area features more than 40 full amenities*.
  • Fully furnished and ready to rent out.
  • Starting at 1.69 million THB*.”

“Convenient travel with the Yellow and Silver BTS lines in the Bangna area, connecting downtown Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport. ATMOZ Bangna is just 450 meters from the Silver Line station.”

“‘Bangna’ is a location with numerous Mega Projects, including shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers, and office buildings, both completed and under development. This area is filled with convenient facilities, and these projects are also conveniently located near ATMOZ Bangna.”
“If you want to invest, you should consider investing in a condo in the Bangna area like ATMOZ Bangna, as condos here can offer a high return of up to 6% per year*.”

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