Who is eligible for a joint lone application?

Who is eligible for a joint lone application?

1.For co-borrowing with a spouse or life partner, both those who are legally married and those who are not can apply. However, those who aren’t legally married must present proof to the bank, such as wedding photos or a daily record from a police station indicating cohabitation as husband and wife. If the couple has children, a copy of the household registration showing both partners’ names can be submitted as evidence. Approval depends on the individual bank’s policy.

2.Nowadays, LGBTQ+ couples can apply for joint loans! This marks a step towards equality in financial documentation processes. The specific requirements for joint loan applications may vary depending on the bank.

3.Joint loans with family members are possible, such as with parents, siblings, or other relatives. In cases where family members have a common lineage but different last names, documents like a household registration or birth certificates showing the parental relationship or kinship must be presented as proof.



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