“AssetWise” in Collaboration with “Takara Leben” Introduced “Atmoz Flow Minburi”

“AssetWise” in Collaboration with “Takara Leben” Introduced “Atmoz Flow Minburi”

A Condominium Resort in the Prime Location of Minburi

AssetWise has embarked upon the second joint venture project with one of the most leading land developers from Japan, Takara Leben, and launched “Atmoz Flow Minburi”, a condominium project worth over 1.37 billion Baht. This residential project is located in the prime location of Minburi in a very close proximity to MRT Pink Line and boasts its rich green space in harmony with a city life and a sustainable living.

Mr. Kromchet Vipanpong, CEO of AssetWise Co., Ltd., remarked that Atmoz Flow Minburi is a joint venture project with Takara Leben, which is one of the most leading developers from Japan. This project is worth 1.37 billion Baht. Given that the construction of all units has recently been completed and some units have already been sold, we are now in the process of transferring the ownership to our clients.  

“A prime location like Minburi is considered as the centre of eastern CBD as a result of the constant expansion of the inner city. At present, the area has been continually urbanised and proven to provide great economic potentials due to the emergence of various new facilities such as schools, hospitals, lifestyle stores and organisations in both public and private sectors, as well as Bang Chan industrial estate, which is one of the biggest industrial estates in Thailand. A plethora of these facilities leads to an increasing demand for accommodation in this growing community. Atmoz Flow Minburi is located in a prime location with a very close proximity (3 minutes) to the MRT Pink Line  —Minburi Station—, to one of the key stations serving as an interchange with the MRT Orange Line, and to the entrance – exit of Kanchanapisek ring road. Most importantly, the commute to the international airport is also very convenient. In addition, we also have a future plan for another joint venture with Takara Leben to introduce residential projects in line with our new clients’ lifestyle to strengthen our partnership and provide the best residence for our community”, Mr. Kromchet remarked.

Mr. Kasuichi Shimada, CEO of Takara Leben maintains that Takara Leben and AssetWise have been partners for over 3 years and Atmoz Flow Minburi is our second joint venture project that has already been complete. Today, I have an opportunity to visit the project myself and cannot help feeling so proud of our vast green space rich in nature curated with the principal aim to improve quality of life and living conditions of our residents of all ages and genders and to accommodate their diverse lifestyles. With our expertise in land development and attuned philosophies of creating high quality residences, Takara Leben and AssetWise believe that Atmoz Flow Minburi will definitely become one of the most successful residential projects.”

Atmoz Flow Minburi comprises three buildings of eight-storey condominium offering 739 units covering the area from 23 to 32 sqm. The residence boasts its vast green space and incorporates nature to every design element. Located in the WisePark, which is a mixed-use community developed by our company under the concept of The Next Urban Community for All Gens that accommodates lifestyles of residents in all generations, it also features AssetWise Health Station that offers online medical service for 24 hours. In addition, clusters of independent stores, restaurants and other facilities in a plant-filled lifestyle mall called Mingle Hill Minburi in front of this residential project further maximise convenience and fulfil every need of our residents.   

Last but not least, Atmoz Flow Minburi also offers a huge common space featuring over 35 services that make all activities possible including sports, play and work. The layout of each zone is carefully planned and arranged for maximum privacy such as a grand swimming pool, a co-kitchen, a co-working space, an open-air library lounge and a Slow Bar. The residential project is now ready for preview. Starts from 1.69* million Baht. 



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